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SWIFT and other electronic messaging is today at the center of international interbank operations. Fast, efficient, cost-effective straight-through data processing at all levels is the key to better customer service and more profitable operations.

BANKSOFT’s 20-plus years of SWIFT and banking operations experience can help you select and implement the most cost-effective SWIFT Interface and banking software applications. BANKSOFT’s expertise is a resource you can use to define and implement the solutions and functionalities you need to optimise your operations. BANKSOFT’s technical expertise helps you define, implement, and integrate SWIFT operations and all other messaging sources with your overall banking operations requirements.

BANKSOFT  -  Your experienced SWIFT and Banking Systems Partner

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Altogether, BANKSOFT associates have an exceptionally broad knowledge of banking operations and ICT experience gained over many years of working in responsible positions in commercial banking departments and IT and telecommunications positions in banks and major IT service organisations. Our in-depth experience and expertise enables BANKSOFT to offer you solutions and high level added-value services at all levels of your SWIFT and banking operations.

Today’s international banking operations solutions require in-depth IT and telecommunications expertise. Workable solutions and procedures must fit current system architectures and commercial strategies to deliver consistent, cost-effective performance. In addition, operations and data security are increasingly important within the IT and telecommunication domains to guarantee seamless business security and continuity. These are exactly the domains in which we excel and can bring decisive advantage to your business.

BANKSOFT – Experience and expertise you can trust

BANKSOFT offers you a unique combination of in-depth experience with banking services, SWIFT operations, and technical systems. BANKSOFT’S expertise helps you far beyond simply selecting and installing an application.

BANKSOFT has extensive SWIFT experience and in-depth IT and telecommunications know-how. This combination, allied with many years of practical experience with operations and data security offers you a ‘package’ of experience and expertise you can trust.

BANKSOFT staff includes senior consultants with more than 20 years of hands-on experience gained working at SWIFT and with major international banks and IT companies. Other BANKSOFT staff have practical experience gained working with key systems and software companies and consultancy businesses. In addition, BANKSOFT is a long-time SWIFT Partner.

BANKSOFT references

BANKSOFT clients include well-known and highly respected European and non-European banks. BANKSOFT serves private banking institutions and international banks active in retail and corporate banking as well as non-bank organisations that provide support services to clients active in the banking and financial services sector. 

BANKSOFT has successfully implemented solutions for many well-known banks and financial-service businesses active across all types of international financial markets. In addition to solutions for the SWIFT Interface, reconciliation, and financial messaging systems, BANKSOFT's knowledge-based business intelligence service to highly visible private and public organisations have included international-scale systems migration programmes, major international telecommunications projects, and European-scale outsourcing projects.