Are you considering outsourcing part of your IT infrastructure? Then, you should talk to us !

Information technology is changing at an increasingly fast pace. And so are the costs. Not only do you have to face increasing needs in know-how and man time and other valuable management resources, but the problems related to your data processing also become growingly complex. A wrong decision can put your whole operation at risk.

That may be the reason for starting to think about alternatives about how to concentrate again on your core business. That's when you start to think about outsourcing part or all of your data processing. But the challenge is: how to make the outsourcing work as you plan, and how to make it a lasting success?

An outsourcing project is not an easy task. You are giving an important part of your business processing into other hands outside your company - and out of your direct control. Hence, you need to make sure that performance, results, quality and service levels are guaranteed at least at their current levels.

All this is at stake when you select your future outsourcing partner and when you negotiate the service protocol. An outsourcing project is not just about re-locating hardware and software, it is about guaranteeing a service that must fully support your business and ensure its success !

How to make your outsourcing project a success ?

The problem: modern IT infrastructures, composed of diverse hardware and a collection of purchased and developed software, are complex to manage and absorb too much of your valuable resources. But before outsourcing your IT back office, you want to be sure that you have selected the right partner and be sure that you have covered all aspects of such an important step - if not it can jeopardise the survival of your entire business. Why have so many outsourcing projects failed in the past? Have costs not met the budget, the service quality not met the expectations, the technology not met current and future requirements ?

A well managed control right from the beginning is the best security against project failure. Having successfully assisted in a variety of major outsourcing projects BANKSOFT-I3 has the proper diagnostics approach and experience to help you lead your project to success.

An outsourcing project starts by analysing the structure, man power, performance and quality of your current IT back office and defines the requirements to be met by the future service provider. And an outsourcing project is not just about dismantling your IT architecture and related infrastructure. You need to consider service quality, customer satisfaction and a variety of direct and indirect pitfalls, of which data security and accessibility are not the least.

Can you afford taking immeasurable risk that can threaten the survival of your whole business?