Project management and support

Why do you need project support?

lostThe selection of the most appropriate technology and of a reliable technology provider can turn out to be a nightmare for many users.
The choice is huge; the solutions to your problems are few. How to ensure that you find the solution to your problem?

Typically, the dialog between the user (or project owner) and the technology provider is a succession of misunderstandings and frustrations. Unclear requirements lead to unsatisfactory solutions and hence, to project exponential costs and delays failures and financial losses.

Project costs (and project delays) tend to follow an exponential curve and seem to escape any type of management control.
Both, unrealistic estimates and loose control are responsible for this situation. Yet, adequate project management and control does not need to remain a fairy tale.

How to guarantee the success of a project?

steps of a project Most projects fail because the original specifications are unclear, inconsistent or incomplete. Non - ambiguous specifications of user needs are the first step towards a successful project.

The use of a tendering process for selecting the technology and service providers can clarify a lot of issues upfront. The process may be light, but should comprise in some form all the steps listed here.

The investment in time and money this process introduces before project starts is paid back tenfold by the successful and smooth realisation of the project.

But the key to the success of a project is the use of a common language between the user and the supplier.
UML (Unified Modelling Language) is that language:

What are the challenges in a project?

Are you sure that you do not miss any important point when you define the scope of your project, discuss legal matters or service levels with your suppliers and that you have all the control over the progress of the project?

And what about the financial implication and the operational impact of your project?

banksoft i³ provides you with the specialist know-how and manpower to fully control and manage your project until its successful completion.

Our dedicated services include the following:

banksoft i³ consultants can intervene at any stage of an IT project, from the original scoping of the project to the complete project management as shown in the graph below.

But the main added value of banksoft i³ assistance is the facilitation of an effective dialog between you, the project owner, and the technology and service providers.

From partial jobs to the full management of the entire project, banksoft i³ has the specialists and the experience to help you meet the challenge!

project management by banksoft

Why choose banksoft i³ Consulting ?

The business consultants from banksoft i³ - your ideal partners for helping you to define, manage and implement your IT projects of any size or nature, regardless of whether you are a multinational corporation, a domestic retail bank, or any other type of financial service company.

Our experience includes the successful management of domestic and international projects ranging from IT strategy definition to full, large scale outsourcing projects in such critical data dependent businesses as banking, telecommunications and financial service providers.

The in-depth banking experience that many of our staff have gained in senior positions with international banks and SWIFT, make us your ideal partner with a business background and understanding that ensure you get precisely the service you need. We understand how vital your projects are for your business.

We have a variety of service packages tailored to meet exactly the size and requirement of your specific projects. These packages are designed to fit both your business and your commercial needs.