Why do you need to audit your IT infrastructure

Your network does no longer perform very well. More bandwidth, more server capacity, new software….
more money !!! seems to be the typical “expert” advice. And if the solution were: more intelligence?

You are a bank and a user of the SWIFT services; you are puzzled about SWIFTnet, the new SWIFT services, the XML based messages; and you probably ask yourself: how to get most out of my SWIFT connection? How to integrate the SWIFT environment with my overall IT infrastructure? How to make best operational use of our SWIFT connection ?

You are worried about security. You may even have been the target of a virus attack. And you ask yourself what firewall to install, how to configure it, how to connect your Website to your local network. And if security were not just about hardware and software tools, but about an attitude, about rules and procedures ?

BANKSOFT-I3Consultants have the knowledge and experience to provide you the right answers and efficient assistance to these problems.

How to get the most out of your IT infrastructure?

Modern IT infrastructures, composed of diverse hardware and a collection of purchased and developed software, can misbehave in many ways. The use of proper diagnostics approaches and tools is the better way to ensure that you will treat the cause and not the symptom of the disease.

IT infrastructures often resemble to patchworks, composed of various pieces of hardware and software that don’t fit together very well. This is the cause of many performance problems and inefficiencies, and complicates the diagnostics.

A well-designed IT architecture is the best remedy against unsatisfactory system behviour.

Security is about protecting your assets against accidental or malicious misuse or loss. And security is only as strong as the weakest link of the chain of your security controls.

The only valid approach to security is to establish a security policy, identifying all your assets, the threats against these assets and the controls to put in place to protect the assets.

Keep in mind that your enemy for your data security is not always who you think he might be!! Can you afford taking immeasurable risk that can threaten the survival of your whole business at any time without previous warning ?