BALI - the IBM AS/400 S.W.I.F.T. - interface

Finally ! The simple 'Direct Connect' AS/400 based SWIFT Interface
Fully S.W.I.F.T. approved for SWIFTNet

Many AS/400 users have long awaited a simple ‘all-software’ AS/400 SWIFT interface. Datasphere’s ‘Bali’ provides a direct AS/400 gateway platform to SWIFT requiring no intermediate hardware, software, or systems.

Features of the Datasphere 'BALI' AS/400 Solution

Benefits of the Datasphere 'BALI' AS/400 Solution

You benefit from faster and better SWIFT Messaging and Processing
Unite your SWIFT gateway and your key banking applications on the same platform to eliminate time-consuming, error-prone, processes and procedures that use intermediate UNIX or PC hardware, software, and systems.
You benefit from the AS/400 Security Environment
With your SWIFT gateway running directly on the AS/400, you can take advantage of both the high-security environment of the AS/400 and the many high-level security features of the ‘Bali’ application. Eliminate duplicate file handing and ‘offline’ hardware, software, systems or procedures.
You benefit from high-level System Audit Functions
Advanced logging and trace features enable complete, detailed, system auditing.
You benefit from Enhanced Access Control
High-level, multi-stage access control simplifies your internal security procedures.
You benefit from your 5250 Terminals
Create any type of SWIFT message using authorised 5250 terminals.

Enhanced Message Control

Take advantage of complete message-flow automation.

Completely automate your SWIFT and TELEX message flow between banking applications and the SWIFT and TELEX networks

Benefit from continuous SWIFT message status monitoring.

Continuous monitoring of the status of messages on the SWIFT network allows you to manage your messaging and processing efficiently.

Enhanced Operation Efficiency

Enjoy reduced financial and security risks.

‘Bali’s user-defined message handling and validation simplifies your internal operations. High-level traffic control detects duplicates, authenticates messages, and provides automatic recovery procedures.

Benefit from full SWIFT security standards.

Guaranteed implementation of SWIFT security standards from banking application to the SWIFT network.

Simplify your IT architecture

One system for all banking needs - on your IBM AS/400.

Overview of main features

Message Manager - manages SWIFT message processing with user-defined ‘select’ and ‘sort’ criteria.

Banking Application Interface - a continuous entry-point for SWIFT messages in SWIFT II or free-format TELEX.

Scheduler - continuously monitors date/time fields of outgoing SWIFT and TELEX messages.

Data Entry - authorised users can create any approved SWIFT message type.

User Functions - certificate management; pre-agreement management; and automatic, semi-automatic, and manual exchange of bi-lateral keys with correspondents.

SLS Functions - full ICC technology integration and support; monitors SWIFT communication (leased line, public line, PDN, PSTN).

System Administration - enables direct AS/400 user-administration of ICC cards and card-readers.

Pre-formatting of SWIFT System Messages

Fully secure Export/Import of Pre-agreements using data-encryption.

And what's specifically good about it :

BALI is already fully SWIFTNet approved by S.W.I.F.T. !

SWIFT messaging is today at the centre of international interbank operations. Fast, efficient and cost-effective SWIFT message processing is the key to better customer service, more profitable operations and a corner-stone for achieving true straight-through-processing.

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banksoft is authorized distributor of Datasphere and provides full customer support for the BALI AS/400 SWIFT Interface.

BALI is a S.W.I.F.T. Interface on the IBM AS/400 computer developed and maintained by

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