Smart Reconciliation System

Do You Need a Better Reconciliation Solution? Then you should choose Swallow Technology’s SMART Reconciliation System, the ‘Benchmark’ reconciliation processing package !

Reconciliations Modules of SMART

Swallow Technology Ltd (UK) pioneered “real-time” automated Nostro reconciliation processing in the SWIFT environment in 1984. This pioneering application immediately set the standard against which all ‘reconciliation’ applications were to be measured. Continuous improvement and expansion of features and functionalities have maintained the reputation of the Swallow Technology application as the ‘benchmark’ reconciliation package among banks, brokers, and traders worldwide.

Key features of the SMART reconciliation system


SMART is a fully-featured application. More than 10 business-specific modules make it the most complete and versatile reconciliation and exceptions-management tool on the market. Use it to reconcile SWIFT- and non-SWIFT based transactions, including FX, MM, derivatives, securities, cheques, credit card transactions, Nostro account movements, and much more.


Modules are fully functional and self-contained. Implement modules individually or in any combination to precisely meet your requirements.


Implement only the functions you need. Additional sub-modules such as real-time account balance prediction, broker confirmations, precious metal trading or Fund Manager features can be added without changes to the existing installation or hardware.


Comprehensive security protocols and high-level access control. SMART satisfies the most stringent audit rules and bank security levels imposed by Banking Supervisory Authorities.


SMART is a market leader since 1984 with a successful presence in the international banking scene with systems based on Swallow Tech's technology totalling nearly 600 installations worldwide.


SMART comes with a strong reputation for fast, effective support with Help Desk options of up to 24/24 -7/7. Continuous development in co-operation with the user banks guarantees that SMART remains up to date with evolving message standards and growing user needs.


Installs into your operating environment on your hardware platform. Versions available for Windows-NT, Unix, and Alpha-VMS platforms. Installation and full customisation typically requires not more than one week.

Key benefits of the SMART reconciliation system

Automate your Transaction Matching and Checking
Immediate, detailed, real-time transaction reconciliation; Individual and flexible matching rules help you to immediately pinpoint exceptions that require your back-office's specific attention.
Save money and staff time
Prevent capital losses and interest penalties by faster detection of errors, often before the transaction is completed. SMART immediately signals mismatches for any relevant data for fast and efficient ‘exception’ processing procedures. STP of all matched items means less staff time needs to be spent on mundane and repetitive work.
Full-Featured Exception Processing Tools
Fast, accurate identification and case-adapted processing of mismatches and errors is supported by powerful ‘exception’ processing tools.
Transaction Life cycle Tracking and Management
Fully automatic creation of exception and inquiry folders for 'paperless' processing of items during full transaction life cycle.
Advanced follow-up of mismatched transactions - because time is money
Automatic generation of correspondence for fast and efficient processing of unsettled items ensures that your staff can rapidly process all items that need their specific attention where money matters most. Because errors detected or corrected too late can quickly turn into severe losses.
Uniquely Powerful ‘Predict’ and ‘Resolve’ Features
SMART ‘Predict’ and ‘Resolve’ modules offer state-of-the-art capability to predict and manage cash and liquidity flows; and to ‘Resolve’ exceptions, mismatches, follow-up requests, investigations, and effectively manage other typical ‘problem’ situations. (look at RESOLVE fact sheet for more)
Automate your Free-Format 'Request - Reply' Messages
(look at SERVICES fact sheet for more)
Powerful Management Information Features
Extensive management information features and reports help optimise work-flows, account balances, control and manage transaction fees and monitor message quality.
Increase your Operations Security
Complete on-line audit trail provides full processing history on all user levels. SMART meets all banking audit rules and provides comprehensive, customisable access protection guaranteeing fine-tuned access rights to all functions perfectly matching your specific operational requirements.