Helio YAMS Information Manager

Valuable business information needs to be spread instantaneously within your company and to outside recipients in order to allow immediate and knowledgeable business decisions. That is why you need the Helio YAMS Intelligent Message Application.

Helio YAMS

The intelligent solution for real-time information dissemination

YAMS is a collaboration solution which allows users to share vital information in real-time both with one another and with clients. It provides all the relevant information in one display, whether it originates from colleagues, clients, internal software applications or external news feeds and it allows them to engage in real-time, one-to-one communication.

YAMS is a low impact messaging application designed specifically for the dissemination of volatile business information such as

Focus on vital business information

Companies working in the international markets need focused information to supplement readily available business information for their trading teams. The objective is to ensure co-ordination and control of information between team members.

This has been achieved in a number of international corporations by the introduction of a messaging system that enables the display of pertinent short-lived information to be sent and shared by members of the team and other participants.

Lightweight and self-maintaining

Unlike heavyweight messaging systems that require significant installation and maintenance from day one, the YAMS system is designed to be lightweight and self-maintaining.

Supplements existing messaging systems

YAMS is intended to supplement existing messaging systems, such as e-mail, not to replace them. Providing a simple classification to the messages (a topic), the system distributes the messages to all users who have an interest in that particular topic.

Flexible modes of messaging

YAMS - not simply a passive mail system....,

        but a complete Publish and Subscribe messaging application

HelioYAMS  -  the unique Messaging Application

Managing Business Information

The most valuable information an organisation holds probably comes from its own proprietary sources such as knowledge from colleagues, data from internal databases, existing applications, or research material.

The challenge is to streamline the flow of information so that users have simplified but seamless access to the data they need to make informed decisions. This has led to a new type of communication system that:

Business Benefits

Designed for traders, sales people, analysts, business managers, clients or anyone else who needs to access, share and decide on information, the Helio YAMS aggregates information from disparate sources and delivers it in real time.

System Features

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