E-Mail Manager for Microsoft Exchange

E-Mail Management, the unique solution provided by banksoft to manage the ever growing e-mail traffic of your entire organisation - all in one single package . . .

The E-Mail Manager package modules:

 . . . readily packaged* by banksoft

*  all modules are also available as single stand alone solution

E-Mail Archiving

The mail archiving tool is based on the industry leading Enterprise Vault for MS Exchange Server.
It is the state-of-the-art mailbox archiving solution, whether you have 10 mailboxes or 1000 :

Network Attached Storage

To expand storage capacity easily while providing uninterrupted high-performance data access across your LAN, a NAS (Network Attached Storage) appliance is provided with the Mail Management Package. When budgets are tight and a quick fix is required, NAS is the low-cost, efficient solution to dodge that network-to-storage logjam that you have been looking for since such a long time.

VERITAS™ Data Protection

Backup Exec™ is a leading Windows data protection solution providing comprehensive, cost effective, certified protection for Microsoft Windows environments. Its agent for Microsoft Exchange Server provides backups and restores of all critical Exchange Server components including the entire data store as well as individual mailboxes, individual public stores and individual messages. Features include also:

The complete Mail Management Package

The Mail Management Package - a unique and complete solution

Comprehensive Solution

The banksoft E-mail Manager combines mail and mailbox management with low cost data storage and real-time data backup. Its user-friendly tools allow significant decrease in time for mailbox housekeeping and the research of mail and attachment text information. Data storage and data backup functions are totally transparent - users can focus on the dynamic handling of newer information and use the Mail Manager as a high-scale, long-term repository for older information.

Protects Your Business

Information contained within MS Exchange systems is a major part of your intellectual property. The banksoft E-mail Manager enables efficient and effective use of this asset by managing retention and retrieval of documents and securing immediate availability of your vital business information. The fully integrated back-up function ensures that your business information will never get lost and can easily be restored any time, regardless whether a single file or a complete system.

Saves Time & Money

Automatic control of mailbox growth reduces the time spent by users and administrators battling with bloated message stores. All important information is always available at a fingertip. Full word search provides instant access to all current and historic mail and attachment texts, in seconds rather than in hours or days. Fully integrated automatic archiving and back-up helps you forget headaches associated earlier with these functions.

With the banksoft E-mail Manager you can now concentrate on your core business - serve your customers.

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