System storage & Back-up

The world of computing and hence the place of our daily work is becoming growingly complex and sophisticated every day. The single system is gone since long time. Complex system architectures have taken their place in most companies, large and small. And therefore, to store and back-up data and ensuring an efficient continuity of the business have become more complex, too.
Yet, by far not less important !

What about your data storage and back-up policy?

As information environments become more complex and data accumulation continues to grow at unprecedented rates, the job of data back-up and storage becomes increasingly critical to the growth and survival of any business.

Your files and data are an important part of your business. Without a secure and easily accessible storage and without failsafe back-up procedures, your operation will become increasingly inefficient and your organisation will suffer.

Your entire business may even be at risk. Do you know that 70% of the SME's in France who underwent an unrecoverable IT system disaster declare bancrupcy within the 2 following years ?

Therefore, the best IT investment of all is perhaps a powerful data storage and retrieval solution driven by a next generation storage management software solution that also includes efficient and easy to run automatic back-up procedures.


Our "Secure business data" service

Our specialised 'Secure Business Data' service is tailored to ensure that you have the right tools and the most adapted policy for safeguarding your precious data.

Because you need centralised automatic data storage that everybody in the company can access easily and instantaneously !

You also need a consistent and up-to-date back-up and archiving technology that guarantees that all your data are stored safely and can be retrieved easily at any time and from any workstation.

With information being scattered around on several work stations and servers over a LAN or a WAN, with e-mails, data files, server applications and different databases, the need is clearly for a centralised, secure environment that is :

You need a system that is perfectly adapted to the specific needs of your business !

Our technical consultants will advise you on the technology and the systems for your data management requirements. We can deliver, install and configure systems for data storage, back-up and/or archiving, totally fitted to the specific needs of your business. Our service has been specifically designed to make sure that all the areas of data management and storage are safeguarded efficiently on technical systems best suited to your organisation.


Our "Data-safe" service package

As a "starter" bundle we propse a dedicated low cost service package for the short and long term storage management of your business data, called 'Data Protection in a Box' and other flexible solutions specifically suited for the small and medium sized business.

Our technical system consultants will:

  • review your current systems
  • assess strength and weaknesses of your current data management policy
  • advise on your current and future data storage and archiving requirements
  • ensure that your data management matches with your overall business plans
  • install the data storage and back-up solutions best suited for your needs
  • and last but not least: find the solution that meets your budget

We have extensive experience in IT solutions in many business areas, including such critical data dependent businesses as banking, telecommunications and financial service companies.

The business consultants from Banksoft are your partner for defining and implementing procedures and policies that exactly meet your needs.

If banks and financial service providers trust our systems and services, why shouldn't you, too ?


Your benefits

Our aim is to make your data management totally reliable and more efficient.

You will particularly benefit from

  • a comprehensive centralised data storage, back-up and archiving solution
  • efficient customised data management procedures
  • back-up and archiving that follow your changing business needs
  • pro-active planning for potential data losses
  • efficient processes for fast and comprehensive recovery

The added value of our service is manifold:

  • the experience of our dedicated professional consultants
  • the review and enhancement of your existing procedures
  • minimised risk of data loss and business disruption
  • less operational burden
  • the best IT structure for your business needs based on the latest concepts
  • fast ROI and significant ongoing cost savings