Heliograph Message Broker

Financial message volumes and their complexity continue to increase and threaten to overload your system and staff resources.  A simple ‘more hardware, faster processors, more memory’ solution will no longer get the job done.

The answer to this problem is the HelioGraph Message Broker Application

Message Broker is a powerful yet easy to implement middleware application meeting the key requirements for message management. It eliminates data-flow conflicts between internal and external systems and communication needs - the solution to attain a high level of STP message and data processing.

Keeping your message simple

Business diversification, strategic partnerships, mergers, complexity of systems and communication problems, coupled with more stringent industry legislation have increased the complexity of data processing. Different standards, different priorities in time and processing sequence, pressure to improve performance without adding to costs, and the need to process millions of transactions have created the demand for improved messaging systems to achieve straight-through processing.

The HelioGraph Message Broker meets these goals. By delivering a simple STP solution it eliminates the costly and time consuming activities previously necessary.

A complete messaging solution

Helio Message Broker is a messaging workflow system that provides all of the tools needed to reduce the expense, time and effort of establishing the message flow between different applications. It enables messages to be received, formatted and routed to other systems for onward processing. Messages can be received from and delivered to multiple systems, each of which can have its own business processing rules.

Comprehensive message libraries for all of the leading standards such as SWIFT and FIX are included to automate and accelerate message handling. HelioGraph products operate with all databases, applications and messaging backbones.

The components plug into heterogeneous computing environments to perform complex business rules, construct intricate financial messages, reformat messages generated by other systems and intelligently route messages throughout the entire enterprise.

Message Broker key capabilities

The Helio Message Broker Components

The Helio Message Broker is designed as complete solution to allow businesses to meet the challenge of connecting systems efficiently and to keep pace with rapidly evolving business demands. It comprises a number of components designed to the specific technical or operational needs for full STP achievement :

The Helio Message Broker - complete functions for full STP

* Translation  * Formatting  * Validation  * Parsing  * Rendering

Helio Message Broker has the SWIFT Gold Label and is one of the products selected by S.W.I.F.T. for its Securities Reformatter Programme which it promotes to its members.

Your business benefits